About Me

I have always been interested in the powerful connection between the emotional mind and the physical body. My intuitive and holistic approach is bespoke to each client and seeks to identify the direct links between psychological stress,  illness  and dis-ease held in the body. Once established I am able to work with you on a deeply restorative level to support your body’s own healing processes, helping you to reach a state of balance and inner calm with each treatment. 

My approach is in no way intended to diagnose, cure or act as a substitute for medical treatment.

Experience & Method

Having qualified from the London School of Reflexology, where the teaching was rooted in the original Eunice Ingham method,  I have since developed my knowledge and skills with some of the most renowned authorities in reflexology which has helped me to refine my techniques and adapt my treatments accordingly. My hands work in tune with your feet to carefully sense the state of the reflexes. I am then able to use focused techniques, which I apply with deep intuition, to help move any blocked energy.  

Prior to becoming a qualified Reflexology Practitioner, I worked for over ten years at Grazia magazine, producing photoshoots for various fashion and beauty brands. Working in such a fast-paced media environment in London, I encountered many people who had adopted high-stress levels and unhealthy lifestyles. These experiences – coupled with my deep interest in holistic treatments – led me to reflexology with the goal of helping my clients alleviate the negative impacts that poor lifestyles, stress and diet can produce.