Initial Treatment

First Time Visit
£ 85
  • Initial Treatment and Consultation
  • 90 Minutes
  • Treatment Plan

Follow Up

Returning Client
£ 65
  • Following Your Treatment Plan
  • 45 Minutes

Individual Sessions

stand-alone sessions
£ 45
  • 30 mins - £45
  • 45 mins - £65
  • 60 mins - £80
  • 90 mins - £115

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Initial Reflexology Treatment

This is a deep treatment that can help ease symptoms associated with a variety of conditions from anxiety, low mood, digestive conditions, hormone imbalances, fatigue and stress related health issues.

It works to successfully rebalance and rejuvenate the body by pressing different reflex points on the foot – stimulating the nerves and increasing blood flow. It reconnects the brain to the rest of the body to leave you feeling centred, calm and more aligned from the inside out. 

The initial session will take 90 minutes and will include a consultation where we will discuss your overall health history and your main reasons for treatment. I will email you within 2 days of the first session with a treatment plan

Reflexology Follow Up

Treatments will be 45 minutes. There is no limit to the number of treatments you can have but most clients have a minimum of four in succession in order to fully benefit from the restorative and rebalancing effects of reflexology. 

What reflexology can help with

Stand-alone Reflexology treatments can be 30-60 minutes and are specifically designed to help you with any short term imbalances you may be experiencing. These sessions are ideal if you are time poor and looking for a commitment free way to reharmonise your mind, body, soul and spirit.