Clients who have specific issues they would like to address such as insomnia, migraines, digestive imbalances, low mood (to name a few) are advised to come for an initial consultation and treatment which lasts 90 minutes in total. I will then create a bespoke treatment plan for the follow up sessions. Each follow up session is 45 minutes. Alternatively there is a treatment menu of options below to choose from. 


Quick Fix – 30 minutes (£45)

The shortest treatment in the wellbeing collection, the Quick Fix focuses on the person’s current state of being. This treatment is perfect for anyone who is experiencing stress, anxiety or feeling out of sorts or unsettled.  All body systems are worked on with particular focus being given to the nervous system in order to ground and rebalance the body, mind and spirit.

Signature Reset – 45 minutes (£65)

The Signature Reset session also focuses on the immediate: issues of stress, anxiety and imbalance are addressed with deep intuition. More time is taken in this treatment to refresh and reset all body systems. This helps release uncomfortable symptoms and encourages the body, mind and spirit to reharmonise and reach a state of balance.

Restore – 60 minutes (£80)

One of the most popular treatment sessions. Restore is a meticulous and specifically detailed experience restoring overall harmony and grounding to all body systems – expect profound restoration of mind, body, soul and spirit.

Rejuvenate – 90 minutes (£115)

The longest and most comprehensive treatment session. Rejuvenate is designed to be a deep regenerative experience – all issues/ailments/imbalances can be addressed with precise intention enabling a new and improved state of being. For complete rejuvenation of mind, body, soul and spirit.

A consultation is taken on the initial session to discuss overall medical history, lifestyle factors and main reasons for treatment. 

Follow Up

There is no limit to the number of follow up treatments you can have. Clients are generally advised to have a minimum of four in succession to fully benefit from the restorative and rebalancing effects of reflexology. 

Should you wish to book a stand-alone session you may choose from the following:

Please allow 5-10 minutes either side of your treatment time for all follow-up and stand alone treatments. Home visits are available for females only and will incur an extra cost depending on the distance from EC1.